Hero image for the Trayt case study




At IXDS I worked on the design and supported the launch of a health platform for parents and physicians. Parents track data of their kids through a mobile app, and physicians get a better overview through a desktop portal to uncover patterns and improve treatment of behavioral challenges.


Trayt is a startup from Silicon Valley operating in the health space by creating apps that collect valuable data, and help connecting patient and caregiver more directly.

Trayt Mockup



The team consisted of me in Berlin, and a project manager in Munich. We started with gathering as much info as possible on the work Trayt had done already. We mapped out the screens required for the data that Trayt aims to collet from users. Transforming many Word documents into a wireflow that we could use to discuss the several steps required to get to results. Challenging was to keep the focus on the end user. Without them consitently providing input, it would fail completely.

Wireflow of Trayt mobile app

From the wireflow with styled wireframes, we quickly moved into fully designing all the required components for the screens.

Trayt Mobile App

All this data would need to be presented in a straightforward way for the physicians. Their time is extremely minimal, so the platform focused on providing a quick overview of a patient’s progress, and listing them in the order they would come in for an appointment.

Trayt Physician Dashboard


It was a puzzle at first to work with a client being fully remote. But after a while, with weekly check-ins, it became more of a superpower. While working throughout the day, and sending out questions by end of day, the client could take their entire day to respond.

We succesfully launched a first version of the mobile app, after which the focus shifted to the physician portal at which point our project came to an end.