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Design Tools Network



I organized hackathons, meetups, and workshops for all things design tools. Focussing on bringing leading tool makers and users together to share knowledge and ultimately pushing the industry as a whole forward.


Back in 2016 I joined a hackathon where Runner was born. I knew the folks there weren’t going to organize another edition. So when joining IXDS with their 4-day workweek, I immediately saw an opportunity to organize such an event myself. And that’s how this event company was born.

In October 2017 I organized the Design Tools Hackathon in Berlin. After that first hackathon, I organized smaller meetups, taught Sketch workshops, and then put up a bigger hackathon in Tel Aviv.



Below some photos that give a glimpse of all the events. Find links to talk videos in the resources at the end.


It’s been great to expand my own network and bringing so many tool makers together with excited audiences. To run these events frequently, it’s too much to be just by myself. I had some support throughout several events, but the main organization was on my shoulders. When continuing this project I’ll be sure to look for a team first.