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Sketch Runner



Runner is a Sketch plugin that enables designers to work faster by triggering commands, installing plugins, and finding assets through searching. It’s also a three year old side project that turned into a real business last April. Together with Aby, I’m bootstrapping a company focused on productivity tools for designers. Runner Pro is our first paid product.


Runner was born as a hack, during the Sketch plugin hackday in 2016. Ever since we kept on working on it as a side project. A tool that many designers love. It’s like Spotlight, or Alfred, for Sketch. We saw potential in turning this into a paid project and decided to launch a completely rebuilt version with new nifty freatures, to justify upgrading for our existing user base.


  1. Make Sketch better: provide functionality through a plugin that significantly improves speed while designing.
  2. Bootstrap a distributed business.


My co-founder is a designer that codes, and is the brains behind building the plugin. We both design the product and think of ways to improve any part of the workflow. Besides product, I focus on designing and building the website, pushing marketing, handling support, and other business related tasks.

Sketch Runner Website


It’s a great adventure, building a business this way. I’m learning a ton on a daily basis. Whether that’s through customer feedback, crunching numbers, or dealing with custom requests. Even though the adventure just got started, the time is right to make Runner a side project again.

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